Find the Alien Crash Site and Alien Blaster Pistol in Fallout 4

Alien Crash Site and Alien Blaster – Fallout 4

How to find the Alien Crash Site and Alien Blaster in Fallout 4

The Alien Crash Site is a random encounter in Fallout 4 that can only be triggered once certain criteria are met. Currently, the most common way to trigger the Alien Crash Site is to clear Vault 75 located in the basement of Malden Middle School. While entering Vault 75 from its elevator, the quest titled “Vault 75” will automatically begin. Players will need to make their way through the vault while killing a number of “Gunner” enemies. Specific enemies will drop access cards that are required to make your way up to the Overseer’s Office. Once in the office, simply access the Overseer’s terminal to complete the quest.

It is recommended that players be at least level 14 or higher in order to trigger the Alien Crash Site encounter. Once these parameters are met the UFO crash can be witnessed while exploring near or around the Beantown Brewery. The exact location of the Alien Crash Site is due North from the Oberland Station settlement, as shown in the video below. Once you’ve discovered the crash site you’ll notice a trail of green blood leading away from the wreckage. The trail leads to a cave where you’ll find the alien alive and hostile. Kill the alien to retrieve the Alien Blaster Pistol, one of the most powerful unique weapons in Fallout 4. The alien also carries 442 Alien Blaster Rounds, the only drawback of the Alien Blaster Pistol. Once you have used all of the Alien Blaster Rounds it is recommended that you take the pistol to a weapon bench and modify it to accept a different energy-weapon ammunition type.

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