Force Virgil to Spawn – Fallout 4 PC

How to force Virgil to spawn when he isn't in his cave in Fallout 4. The Glowing Sea bugged.

What to do when Virgil isn’t in his cave during “The Glowing Sea” Players have encountered a number of bugs during their inaugural adventures in Fallout 4. While some bugs can produce funny glitches and video opportunities, nothing is more annoying than a bug that impacts the main story. During “The Glowing Sea” players are tasked […]

Fallout 4 Easy Caps

Easy caps in Fallout 4 - best way to find bottlecaps in Fallout 4

Earn easy caps in Fallout 4 Watch the video below for some easy caps early in Fallout 4. Caps and scrap make the world go round in Fallout 4. Unfortunately, valuable scrap (I’m looking at you, adhesive!) can be difficult to come by early in the game. Vendors tend to sell large shipments of scrap […]