Companions and Companion Perks in Fallout 4

Companions and Companion Perks Guide – Fallout 4

All Companions, their perks, locations and IDs in Fallout 4

Below you will find information on all permanent companions in Fallout 4, where to find them, their associated companion perks and what benefit those perks may provide to the Sole Survivor. While there is much to be learned about each companion’s personal backstory, we believe that should be experienced first hand by the player and not spoiled on Vault Guides.

Companion perks differ from players perks in the sense that they can only be obtained once you reach max affinity with that companion. Each companion has a unique perk as outlined and described below. A companion’s perk will remain active on the player regardless of the distance between you and your companion. Dogmeat, while technically a companion, will not count toward the “Lone Wanderer” player perk. If the Sole Survivor adventures with Dogmeat as an active companion, the player will still receive all the benefits of the Lone Wanderer perk.


Cait as a companion in Fallout

Cait can be found while exploring the the Combat Zone in the Fallout 4 Commonwealth. The Combat Zone is a fight club intended for Raiders. Maxing out Cait’s approval will provide the Sole Survivor with the Trigger Rush perk. Trigger Rush increases AP regeneration when the player’s health is below 25%. Cait also has the ability to pick locks up to and including the Master level, although it may take her a few tries. To gain Cait’s approval players must avoid chem use in front of her and avoid generous of peaceful decisions. As the fighter that she is, Cait approves of violent behavior.


Codsworth as a Companion in Fallout 4

Codsworth is your trusty robot sidekick from before the bombs fell. Waiting for over 200 years for your return, Codsworth is the first NPC you meet on your adventure in Fallout 4; he can be found in Sanctuary near your old home. Fittingly, Codsworth’s companion perk is titled “Robot Sympathy” and provides +10 damage resistance against robot energy weapons. Codsworth appreciates nice and generous behavior.


Curie as a Companion in Fallout 4

Curie is short for Contagions Vulnerability Robotic Infirmary Engineer. Curie can be found at Vault 81 and will occasionally provide the player with stimpaks. Before the war, Curie was originally a Miss Nanny robot designed to serve a team of scientists at Vault 81 as a lab assistant. Curie can provide the Combat Medic perk which will heal the player character 100 HP if their current HP is below 10%. To achieve Curie’s approval, players must avoid chem use/addiction. Curie also dislikes selfish or violent behavior, but approves of kindness and peaceful resolutions.



Deacon is a member of the Railroad and can be discovered as part of the “Follow the Freedom Trail” quest. Deacon is a master of stealth and using disguises. As such, Deacon is a massive benefit to those who prefer the stealth playstyle. Deacon’s perk, “Cloak & Dagger”, provides +40% stealth duration and +20% sneak attack damage. You must max out Deacon’s approval rating in order to gain the Cloak & Dagger perk while he is equipped as a companion. In order to do this, avoid violent decisions and chem use or addiction. Deacon approves of kind behavior.



Dogmeat is the poster child of the Fallout series and is a fixture in Fallout 4. Dogmeat is very resourceful at sniffing out hidden objects and anything that may be useful to you on your quest. Dogmeat will love you unconditionally so there are no actions that will win or lose approval as your companion. The “Attack Dog” perk is a player perk requiring a minimum of Charisma level 4. If Attack Dog is equipped, Dogmeat will hold on to an enemy, allowing you to shoot the debilitated enemy more easily.



Hancock can be found upon entry of Goodneighbor as the town’s ghoul mayor. Hancock can be equipped as a companion once the miscellaneous quest titled “Recruiting Hancock” is completed. As a fighter, Hancock is capable and can offer interesting insight on your adventures. Hancock’s companion perk “Isodoped” will provide players 20% increase in critical charge rate if your radiation level is over 250.

Nick Valentine

Valentine as a Companion in Fallout 4

Valentine can be discovered upon entry of Diamond City and as the player progresses the main story of Fallout 4. Valentine is quickly becoming a fan favorite for his snarky dialogue and witty humor. As a companion, Valentine appreciates both kind and mean behavior, although both must be in moderation. In order to activate Valentine’s companion perk, players must max out Nick’s approval rating and complete the quest “Long Time Coming.” Valentine’s perk is called “Close to Metal” and provides 50% faster terminal cooldown when attempting to hack. Valentine can also hack terminals for you, if that’s not your thing.

Paladin Danse


Paladin Danse is a Brotherhood of Steel Knight and is a very capable fighter as a companion in Fallout 4. In order to join the Brotherhood of Steel in Fallout 4, players will have to go through Danse. Players can find Danse at the Cambridge Police Station. In order to gain Paladin Danse’s unique perk, players will need to max out his approval rating. To do this, joining the Brotherhood of Steel and completing its missions will earn favor in his regard. “Know Your Enemy” is Danse’s companion perk and will provide +20% more damage against Super Mutants, Synths, and Feral Ghouls.


Piper as a Companion in Fallout 4

Piper is a sharp-tongued lass that can be found pounding the gates on your first entrance to Diamond City. You’ll learn she is the owner and lead journalist of the Wasteland newspaper called Public Occurrences. To improve your relationship with Piper you should avoid violent behavior and be generous and assertive. Piper also appreciates successful lock-picking attempts. The “Gift of Gab” is Piper’s unique perk and provides double XP for winning dialogue challenges with Charisma and discovering new locations.

Preston Garvey


Preston is one of the first characters you’ll meet on your adventure in Fallout 4. You’ll quickly find that he is the leader of the Minutemen and will provide access/quests for new settlements in the Wasteland. Preston is fond of generous and peaceful decisions, but most appreciates your help in building new settlements. Avoid violent decisions and chem use/addiction while adventuring with Preston. His perk, “United We Stand,” will provide +20% damage and +20 damage resistance when facing three or more enemies – an incredibly useful perk in sticky situations.

Robert MacCready

maccready as a companion in Fallout 4

MacCready is a capable fighter, marksman, mercenary and companion in Fallout 4. Carrying a powerful sniper rifle, MacCready will assist you in battle with precise head-shots. You can find MacCready in Goodneighbor at the Third Rail. Avoid chem addiction and partake in lots of violence and you’ll be well on your way to earning MacCready’s favor. However, he doesn’t like nice, mean, or peaceful behavior. MacCready’s “Killshot” perk will increase your headshot accuracy in VATS by 20%.



Strong is a friendly Super Mutant companion that approves of generosity and peaceful decisions. He will tolerate the occasional violent outcome, but avoid the Brotherhood of Steel if you want to max out his approval. You will find Strong at the completion of the “Curtain Call” sidequest at Trinity Tower. Strong will provide the “Berserk” perk which gives +20 additional melee weapon damage once your health drops below 25%.


X6-88 as a companion in Fallout 4

X6-88 is a synth who works for the Institute as an enforcer. X6-88 is proficient with energy weapons in combat. To gain max affinity with him, avoid kindness and generosity and partake in as much selfish behavior as possible. X6-88 will provide the “Shield Harmonics” perk which gives an additional 20 to Energy Resistance.

How to Find a Lost Companion in Fallout 4

If you’ve lost a companion while adventuring the Wasteland in Fallout 4 we can help you find them. Unfortunately, this only works with the PC version of the game. Players commonly forget where they sent companions when swapping them out for a different choice. Early in the game, you may choose Valentine in lieu of Dogmeat. This change will require you to send Dogmeat to a friendly settlement. If you wish to adventure with Dogmeat (or any other idle companion) again, you would need to know where you sent them. The video below demonstrates how PC players can bring their lost companions in Fallout 4 to their location. This requires console commands and companion reference IDs from the table at the top of this page.



  • W Reply

    You do not need a companion with you for their perk to be active. Once obtained, a perk stays permanent.

  • GFunk Reply

    I accidentally killed Kessler before activating the workbench. Is there any way to do so without Kessler?

    • GFunk Reply

      ^^bunker hill***

  • Smellsbad Reply

    MacCready is no where to be found. He just disappeared (I’m playing survival, so no fast travel) or reloading a save from more than three sleeps ago.

    I picked up Cait after MacCready disappeared and game asked where to send him, so sent him to Hangman’s Alley. All my other companions are there but still no MacCready after more than atwo weeks in game time and multiple “sleeps”. He is not in Goodneighbor either.

    I’ve part finished the “Long Road Ahead” and it is now on the “Continue Travelling with MacCready” part.

    Anyone got any ideas where to look for him? I’ve checked every settlement (using the bell) and he has simply vanished. Even went back to the overpass where the first part of the mission is.

    Playing on PS4, so no “teleport” console option.

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