Fallout 4

Dogmeat and Other Companions in Fallout 4

Remember playing Fallout 3? Remember the crippling loneliness of adventuring through the wasteland by yourself? Remember finding Dogmeat at the junkyard? Remember rescuing Dogmeat? Remember Dogmeat becoming your best-virtual-friend? Remember Dogmeat rushing into combat, face first, jaws snapping, only to be killed? Me too! And if you were like me, you certainly wouldn’t allow Dogmeat to stay dead. Any event that resulted in Dogmeat’s death in Fallout 3 always prompted me to load a previous save and try whatever I was doing over again. To me, Dogmeat is the most important aspect of the Fallout series.

Dogmeat, and other companions in Fallout 4 are not able to be killed. This is great to hear if you’re like me; it allows us to be a little more brash with our gameplay decisions. Gone are the days of countless reloads while exploring a particularly difficult vault that you stumbled across in the wasteland. Speaking of our favorite furry-video-game-ally, the Fallout 4 development team based the latest iteration of Dogmeat on Fallout 4 Lead Level Designer Joel Burgess’ German Shepherd. Check out this video that they posted today:

This sort of attention to detail is precisely why Dogmeat is such an icon in the Fallout series. We’ll have more on the history of this lovable canine in future articles, until then, I’m going to go play with my dog!

Do you have a favorite companion memory from your wasteland adventures? Let us hear about it in the comments!


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