Easy caps in Fallout 4 - best way to find bottlecaps in Fallout 4

Fallout 4 Easy Caps

Earn easy caps in Fallout 4

Watch the video below for some easy caps early in Fallout 4. Caps and scrap make the world go round in Fallout 4. Unfortunately, valuable scrap (I’m looking at you, adhesive!) can be difficult to come by early in the game. Vendors tend to sell large shipments of scrap but those shipments can cost a lot of bottlecaps. Fortunately, there is a hidden treasure trove in the settlement of Sanctuary.

Following the path shown in the video, you’ll come behind a blue house and notice a storm cellar. Once in the cellar, you’ll notice it has some goodies inside including food (aid), scrap (junk), ammo and a few gold bars that have a value of 450 caps each. Before you run off and sell these gold bars to the nearest merchant,¬†you may want to invest a few points in the “Cap Collector” perk under the Charisma attribute to maximize the amount of bottlecaps you make.

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