Where to find the experimental serum in Fallout 4 - Brian Virgil

Where to find the Experimental Serum – Fallout 4

How to find Virgil’s Serum from the FEV Labs in Fallout 4

Upon meeting Brian Virgil during “The Glowing Sea” players will learn of an experimental serum that could potentially reverse Virgil’s condition. In exchange for information on how to access the Institute, Virgil asks that players find this serum and return it to him. Without a quest marker, finding the serum can take some careful searching. 

To Find the Experimental Serum:

  • Travel to the Institute
  • Make your way to the Bioscience wing – each of the wings in The Institute are color coded, if you’re lost, this is the GREEN wing
  • Find the FEV Lab – this is hidden through a series of doors in the Bioscience wing
  • Make your way through the FEV Lab – be careful, there are a number of traps and sentries that will try to kill you. There is also a particularly tough Assaultron, lower-levels be warned
  • Once you get past the Assaultron and various traps, the experimental serum is located on a desk at the back of the main lab

Players can then choose whether or not they wish to give the serum to Virgil. Certain companions react differently depending on what you choose to do. Piper, Curie, Codsworth, Valentine and Hancock approve of the character choosing to cure Virgil. Danse and Strong do not like this choice. Paladin Danse dislikes this action because of his background in the Brotherhood of Steel. Strong, a supermutant himself, reacts accordingly.

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