How to force Virgil to spawn when he isn't in his cave in Fallout 4. The Glowing Sea bugged.

Force Virgil to Spawn – Fallout 4 PC

What to do when Virgil isn’t in his cave during “The Glowing Sea”

Players have encountered a number of bugs during their inaugural adventures in Fallout 4. While some bugs can produce funny glitches and video opportunities, nothing is more annoying than a bug that impacts the main story. During “The Glowing Sea” players are tasked with finding Virgil in his remote hideout located on the outskirts of a nuclear-crater. Upon arriving at Virgil’s cave, some players aren’t able to find him. I was one of those unfortunate enough to have a missing Virgil in Fallout 4, leaving the main quest stuck until I was able to find the appropriate fix. No matter what I did, or how many times I re-loaded my game, Virgil was nowhere to be found. The video below shows what happens when “The Glowing Sea” is bugged in Fallout 4.

Force Virgil to Spawn

With some time spent researching, I was able to discover that Virgil can be spawned in his cave by using some specific console commands. The video below shows you exactly how to do this. Unfortunately, console commands are only available to PC players. If you’re not familiar with console commands in Fallout 4, we have a helpful guide that you can read here.

To force Virigil to spawn follow these steps:

  • Open the developer’s console by pressing the tilde (~) key [directly to the left of the (1) key]
  • Use command prid (pickreferenceid) as follows
    • prid 0006b505
    • Press enter
    • This selects the appropriate reference id
  • Use command enable
    • This shows the selected object

This should spawn Virgil in front of you and fix your game!

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