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The Broadsider – Fallout 4 Unique Weapon Guide

Obtain the Broadsider in Fallout 4 from the quest "The Last Voyage of the USS Constitution"
How to get the Broadsider in Fallout 4 The Broadsider is a unique weapon in Fallout 4 that can be obtained ...
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Where to find the Experimental Serum – Fallout 4

Where to find the experimental serum in Fallout 4 - Brian Virgil
How to find Virgil's Serum from the FEV Labs in Fallout 4 Upon meeting Brian Virgil during "The Glowing Sea" players ...
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Force Virgil to Spawn – Fallout 4 PC

How to force Virgil to spawn when he isn't in his cave in Fallout 4. The Glowing Sea bugged.
What to do when Virgil isn't in his cave during "The Glowing Sea" Players have encountered a number of bugs during ...
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Companions and Companion Perks Guide – Fallout 4

Companions and Companion Perks in Fallout 4
All Companions, their perks, locations and IDs in Fallout 4 Below you will find information on all permanent companions in Fallout ...
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Alien Crash Site and Alien Blaster – Fallout 4

Find the Alien Crash Site and Alien Blaster Pistol in Fallout 4
How to find the Alien Crash Site and Alien Blaster in Fallout 4 The Alien Crash Site is a random encounter ...
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Use Dogmeat to get the Cryolator – Fallout 4

Use Dogmeat to get the Cryolator in Fallout 4 from Vault 111
How to get the Cryolator in Fallout 4 If you remember the Vault 111 sequence at the beginning of Read More

Fallout 4 Console Commands

Console Commands Fallout 4 and how to use console commands in Fallout 4
Console commands in Fallout 4 Console commands in Bethesda games are a way for players, modders and developers to modify the ...
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Fallout 4 Easy Caps

Easy caps in Fallout 4 - best way to find bottlecaps in Fallout 4
Earn easy caps in Fallout 4 Watch the video below for some easy caps early in Fallout 4. Caps and scrap ...
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Fallout 4 Steam PC Bug Fixes

Fix Fallout 4 bugs glitches and errors
Like any Bethesda game, Fallout 4 launched with it's fair share of bugs and glitches across all platforms. Luckily for ...
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Fallout 4 Perk Guide

Fallout 4 Perk Guide Every Perk in Fallout 4
Use our handy perk guide in table format The new perk system in Fallout 4 is a combination of ...
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