Fallout 4 Graphics

New Fallout 4 Screenshots

With the release of Fallout 4 just days away, Bethesda took time to shed some (volumetric?) light on the graphics of Fallout 4 with this blog post. If you’re in to the nuts and bolts behind the games you play I recommend giving the article a read. The Fallout 4 team offers some juicy details on the decisions that were made in the production and styling of Fallout 4. If phrases like “physically based deferred renderer” and “gamma correct physically based shading” make your eyes roll to the back of your head then we have you covered… we prefer picture books too! Feast those tired eyes on some new official screenshots from the Fallout 4 team.

The graphics of Fallout 4 came under fire after the game was first shown at this year’s E3 event. Whether or not that criticism is deserved remains to be seen. The game hasn’t even been released yet, so much of this graphical analysis has come by way of leaked screenshots that have been poorly compressed for the web. As a member of the glorious PC master race, I do not fret over such graphical gripes. If the graphics are not to my liking, I’m sure I’ll be able to download a texture mod that brings my PC to its knees.

Fallout 4 Graphics







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