Obtain the Broadsider in Fallout 4 from the quest "The Last Voyage of the USS Constitution"

The Broadsider – Fallout 4 Unique Weapon Guide

How to get the Broadsider in Fallout 4

The Broadsider is a unique weapon in Fallout 4 that can be obtained by completing the quest “The Last Voyage of the USS Constitution.” This is an interesting (and long) side quest that will take you through a series of run-and-fetch missions as well as a couple opportunities to defend the ship from scavengers, or to side with the scavengers and take the ship for yourself, depending on what type of player you are. Without spoiling the quest too much, it is HIGHLY recommended that you side with Ironsides and help the robots defend the ship, you’ll have to find out why for yourself.

The video below quickly shows the last battle with scavengers while defending the ship. Once this is completed, Ironsides will reward players with the Broadsider. The video goes on to demonstrate the weapon modifications that can be performed on the Broadsider, as well as how the weapon handles in combat.

The Last Voyage of the USS Constitution – Walkthrough

To complete this quest, players will need to find the location of the ship and make their way to the deck where they’ll meet Captain Ironsides. Ironsides will ask the player to fetch a number of items required to restore the ship to working condition. High Intelligence helps the quest go slightly quicker, allowing players to simply make repairs to existing components, instead of having to run and find them.

To get started:

  1. You will find the ship wreckage East of Bunker Hill. As you approach the ship, one of the guards will meet you and give instructions to talk to Captain Ironsides of the USS Constitution
  2. After meeting with Captain Ironsides, scavengers will attack and you will need to defend the ship – try not to fire on the robot guards, this will turn the ship’s crew hostile and automatically fail the quest
  3. Talk with Bosun on the third deck inside the USS Constitution
  4. Bosun will ask you to repair or replace 3 power cables inside the ship – this is your first opportunity to use Intelligence to make the repair (INT 3)
  5. Return to Bosun  – he will ask you to repair or buy a replacement power relay coil (INT 5 to repair)
  6. Next, find Mr. Navigator
  7. Mr. Navigator will ask you to recover the ship’s guidance chip, taken by a group of scavengers

From here, players can choose to side with the scavengers, steal the guidance chip and kill the scavengers, or steal the chip using a stealthboy and leaving the scavengers alive.

  1. Return to the ship and install the guidance chip
  2. Return to Mr. Navigator. Mr. Navigator will ask you to repair or retrieve the Poseidon radar transmitter (INT 9 to repair) You can retrieve a replacement from Poseiden Energy Turbine 18-F, North West of the BADTFL regional office. You may also be sent to the Poseidon Reservoir, south of Fort Hagen, to fetch the working part – this is where high Intelligence really comes in handy!
  3. The final fetch-mission of this quest is to find replacement Turbopump Bearings. The quest will either send you to the Corvega Assembly Plant or the General Atomics factory northwest of The Castle.
  4. Return to the ship and install the new Turbopump Bearings
    Return to Captain Ironsides on the main deck and talk to him – scavengers will attack the ship again, and you will need to fend off the attackers without letting them reach the top deck. Once this objective is complete, Captain Ironsides will reward your efforts with the Broadsider and ask for your help for one last favor

Siding with the scavengers may alter the quest line slightly, but much of it remains the same.

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