Use Dogmeat to get the Cryolator in Fallout 4 from Vault 111

Use Dogmeat to get the Cryolator – Fallout 4

How to get the Cryolator in Fallout 4

If you remember the Vault 111 sequence at the beginning of Fallout 4, you almost certainly remember catching a glimpse of a unique weapon called the Cryolator locked behind a case with a “master” lock. If you lack the necessary skills to pick the lock, don’t worry, Dogmeat has you covered.

Cryolator Fallout 4 using Dogmeat

Return to Vault 111 and take the left passage back to where the Cryolator is kept. You can try picking the lock if you have the adequate perk level. If not, approach Dogmeat and ask him to find something for you. He’ll head straight to the Cryolator and snatch it out of the case for you. That’s some very impressive lockpicking, Dogmeat! Watch our guide below to see exactly how to use Dogmeat to get the Cryolator for you in Fallout 4. If you keep watching, we show you how this weapon holds up against some nasty ghouls. Right off the bat you get to see the Cryolator shine as it freezes an enemy mid-attack and they go tumbling down the stairs! As shown in the video, this weapon is extremely useful for slowing and stunning tough enemies. The Cryolator can be modified further to accept a crystallizing barrel, which shoots condensed crystals of cryo-ammo and increases weapon range, a recoil compensating stock, and glow sights.


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