Fall for 325 feet and Survive is one of the easier¬†daily objectives¬†to complete in GTA 5 Online. With the description being pretty vague, it leaves a lot of room for interpretation. Most players tend to over-complicate matters and assume that parachutes can’t be used to complete this daily. The most important thing to do for this objective is to free fall for at least 325 feet before you deploy your parachute. Once you’ve fallen far enough, simply deploy your parachute and drift to safety.

If you’re like me, you probably saw “Fall for 325 feet and Survive” pop up as a daily objective and tried a number of different scenarios to make your character survive a drop of 325 feet. I immediately assumed that deploying your parachute would disqualify you from completing this daily. I tried a number of tactics like: rolling down the side of a mountain, falling from a building, bailing from a vehicle after hitting a jump. All of these resulted in a quick and painful death. It was only after multiple deaths falling off the side of a mountain that I decided to try this free-fall strategy. If you want to fall for 325 feet and live, you’ll need a parachute!