Perform a wheelie for 10 seconds is one of the easiest daily objectives to complete in GTA Online (with the right bike). Watch as I hop on my Bati 801 and complete this objective on the first straight stretch I find. Other bikes are less suitable for sustaining wheelies, such as the Carbon RS or some of the heavier chopper-style motorcycles in GTA 5. “Perform a wheelie for 10 seconds” is intimidating to newer players only because of their limited ($) access to better motorcycles in the game. Once you gain experience¬†and get a better feel for each bike’s handling, this daily objective tends to get easier.

There are certainly easier locations to complete this daily objective. I chose this street just to demonstrate how effective the Bati 801 is at performing a wheelie for 10 seconds. The canals, train tracks, and airport would all be even better locations to complete this daily objective.