GTA 5 Online: Perform a Wheelie for 10 Seconds

Perform a Wheelie for 10 Seconds daily objective in GTA Online

Perform a wheelie for 10 seconds is one of the easiest daily objectives to complete in GTA Online (with the right bike). Watch as I hop on my Bati 801 and complete this objective on the first straight stretch I find. Other bikes are less suitable for sustaining wheelies, such as the Carbon RS or […]

GTA 5 Online: Kill List

Kill List freemode event in Grand Theft Auto V Online

The Kill List freemode event in GTA Online. This one requires you to kill a few waves of Merryweather patrols. Don’t sweat it, you’re given a capable tool to complete the task. To kick the event off, simply travel to the purple marker on the map. Once you arrive, hop in the vehicle and wait for […]

GTA 5 Online: Steal a Vehicle from the Military Base

Steal a Vehicle from the Military Base in GTA Online

Another daily objective in GTA Online. This time we steal a vehicle from the military base. Watch closely at the beginning of the video as we show one of the easiest ways  to get into the military base. You can make this daily objective quite a bit easier by calling Lester and telling the cops […]

GTA 5 Online: Moonbeam Lowrider

My Moonbeam Lowrider in GTA Online after being upgraded at Benny's

The Lowriders update went live for GTA Online on October 20th. With it came a ton of new features, most notably the new lowriders from Benny’s Original Motor Works and the plethora of vehicle customization options that are available through the new mod shop. To build a lowrider at Benny’s you must first purchase a stock […]

GTA 5 Online: Fall for 325 feet and Survive

GTA Online daily objective fall 325 feet and survive

Fall for 325 feet and Survive is one of the easier daily objectives to complete in GTA 5 Online. With the description being pretty vague, it leaves a lot of room for interpretation. Most players tend to over-complicate matters and assume that parachutes can’t be used to complete this daily. The most important thing to do for […]

GTA 5 Online: Benny’s Original Motorworks

Benny's Original Motorworks

Rockstar released another trailer today for the upcoming “Lowriders” update to GTA Online. This trailer focuses on the new mod shop: Benny’s Original Motorworks. Watch the video to get a sneak peak at some of the extensive vehicle customization that will be coming to GTA 5 online with the Lowriders update. It looks like everything […]

GTA 5 Online: Lowriders Update

gta online lowriders

Check out this trailer for the new GTA online update titled Lowriders. The theme of this update is hard to miss. The action centers around a new customs shop called Benny’s Original Motor Works. Here, players will have access to a huge variety of mods and custom options for their lowriders. Much of the modding will be […]

GTA 5 Online: Bribe the Cops then Cause Havoc

bribe the cops then cause havoc

Bribe the cops then cause havoc, the fun way! In this video we show you how to quickly complete this daily objective in GTA 5 online. Daily objectives are currently one of the best ways to rank up and earn money in GTA 5 online. Daily objectives were added during the Heists Update and unlock at […]

GTA 5 Online: Reverse Driving Challenge

gta 5 online

If you’ve ever attempted the “Reverse Driving Challenge” in GTA 5 online you know how frustrating the NPC drivers can be. An old lady nearly derailed our attempt for this Reverse Driving Challenge but crisis was averted. Can’t get enough of the Freemode Events update? Subscribe to our YouTube channel!

GTA 5 Online: Parachute Dangerously

Have you gotten this as a daily objective in GTA 5 online and wondered how to parachute dangerously? Watch this video as we show you exactly how simple this daily can be. All you need is a parachute and a little bit of speed. Take said speed and send it careening off the nearest jump you […]