GTA 5 Online: Kill List

Kill List freemode event in Grand Theft Auto V Online

The Kill List freemode event in GTA Online. This one requires you to kill a few waves of Merryweather patrols. Don’t sweat it, you’re given a capable¬†tool to complete the task. To kick the event off, simply travel to the purple marker on the map. Once you arrive, hop in the vehicle and wait for […]

GTA 5 Online: Bribe the Cops then Cause Havoc

bribe the cops then cause havoc

Bribe the cops then cause havoc, the fun way! In this video we show you how to quickly complete this daily objective in GTA 5 online. Daily objectives are currently one of the best ways to rank up and earn money in GTA 5 online. Daily objectives were added during the Heists Update¬†and unlock at […]

GTA 5 Online: Reverse Driving Challenge

gta 5 online

If you’ve ever attempted the “Reverse Driving Challenge” in GTA 5 online you know how frustrating the NPC drivers can be. An old lady nearly derailed our attempt for this Reverse Driving Challenge but crisis was averted. Can’t get enough of the Freemode Events update? Subscribe to our YouTube channel!

GTA 5 Online: Criminal Damage

GTA Online Criminal Damage Challenge

Another GTA 5 freemode event, the objective for “Criminal Damage” is to incur the highest monetary damage to the citizens and players of GTA 5 Online. To win this event I traveled to the nearest tunnel I could find. From there, I hijacked a bus and blocked one lane of traffic. For the other lane […]

GTA 5 Longest Wheelie Challenge Best Locations

My two favorite locations for winning the Longest Wheelie Challenge freemode event in GTA 5 online. The first one (airport) is obvious, while the second location is my personal favorite and should (if pulled off correctly) net you a win in this challenge every time. Do you have a suggestion for a better location to […]