Charles Barkley and the Dunk Jet – Ballout 4

Charles Barkley and the Dunk Jet in Ballout 4

Ballout 4 – Watch Charles Barkley Dunk on Fools in this Fallout 4 Parody Watch this video of Charles Barkley using the “Dunk Jet” in Fallout 4. Also included is an awesome Space Jam/Fallout 4 remix. Hearing the “Ballout 4” theme song makes me want to suit up for the Tune Squad and throw down […]

Fallout 4 Launch Trailer

Fallout 4 Launch Trailer female character

“Everything can change in an instant, whether or not you’re ready.” Except for war… war never changes. The official Launch Trailer has been released today for Fallout 4. For the first time ever, fans get to see the female player in the game as well as a number of new enemies, weapons, locations, armors, gameplay, […]

GTA 5 Online: Kill List

Kill List freemode event in Grand Theft Auto V Online

The Kill List freemode event in GTA Online. This one requires you to kill a few waves of Merryweather patrols. Don’t sweat it, you’re given a capable¬†tool to complete the task. To kick the event off, simply travel to the purple marker on the map. Once you arrive, hop in the vehicle and wait for […]

Fallout 4 Gameplay: Big Leagues Perk

Fallout 4 gameplay footage showing off the Big Leagues perk

Bethesda just released a new Fallout 4 gameplay video highlighting the Big Leagues perk. Big Leagues is the second perk available under the Strength attribute. The character appears to be in the process of selecting Rank 5 of the perk, as shown below.¬†The description reads “You now do double damage with a melee weapon, and […]

Fallout 4 – Gameplay Exploration

Fallout 3

From Bethesda’s E3 presentation – this gameplay trailer walks us through the early moments of Fallout 4. What can only be assumed as some of your earliest steps in the game, this video shows off some key features from Fallout 4 that we can look forward to on November 10th.