GTA 5 Online: Moonbeam Lowrider

My Moonbeam Lowrider in GTA Online after being upgraded at Benny's

The Lowriders update went live for GTA Online on October 20th. With it came a ton of new features, most notably the new lowriders from Benny’s Original Motor Works and the plethora of vehicle customization options that are available through the new mod shop. To build a lowrider at Benny’s you must first purchase a stock […]

GTA 5 Online: Benny’s Original Motorworks

Benny's Original Motorworks

Rockstar released another trailer today for the upcoming “Lowriders” update to GTA Online. This trailer focuses on the new mod shop: Benny’s Original Motorworks. Watch the video to get a sneak peak at some of the extensive vehicle customization that will be coming to GTA 5 online with the Lowriders update. It looks like everything […]

GTA 5 Online: Lowriders Update

gta online lowriders

Check out this trailer for the new GTA online update titled Lowriders. The theme of this update is hard to miss. The action centers around a new customs shop called Benny’s Original Motor Works. Here, players will have access to a huge variety of mods and custom options for their lowriders. Much of the modding will be […]