GTA 5 Online: Perform a Wheelie for 10 Seconds

Perform a Wheelie for 10 Seconds daily objective in GTA Online

Perform a wheelie for 10 seconds is one of the easiest daily objectives to complete in GTA Online (with the right bike). Watch as I hop on my Bati 801 and complete this objective on the first straight stretch I find. Other bikes are less suitable for sustaining wheelies, such as the Carbon RS or […]

GTA 5 Longest Wheelie Challenge Best Locations

My two favorite locations for winning the Longest Wheelie Challenge freemode event in GTA 5 online. The first one (airport) is obvious, while the second location is my personal favorite and should (if pulled off correctly) net you a win in this challenge every time. Do you have a suggestion for a better location to […]